We also conduct training sessions at Gupte Hospital. Some of the fields in which training is conducted are:
  1. Reproductive endocrinology and infertility
  2. Gynecological endoscopy
  3. Obgyn USG and colour doppler
  4. Colposcopy
  5. Electronic fetal monitoring
  6. High risk obstetrics

All these courses are available with variable durations to suit the time limitations of practitioners. An experienced faculty conducts the course. The Gupte hospital is also recognized by the FOGSI for fellowships in Perinatology and Obstetric Ultrasound.

The current syllabus for postgraduates in Obstetrics & Gynecology gives insufficient exposure to various subjects like Reproductive Endocrinology & infertility, Gynecology Endoscopy, High risk Obstetrics, Gynecological ultrasound and color doppler, colposcopy for collection of cancer cervix.

They are therefore unable to meet the increasing demand for treating their patients with sufficient expertise or skill especially in semi urban and rural India. This results in increasing amount of inadequate treatment to the needy patients. India contributes to about 1/4th of cancer cervix patients to the world. Also the Maternal mortality ranges between 450-650 in our country. This reflects on the lack of standardized care that is available. Even on reaching a gynecologist many patients remain deprived of standardized care.

There are very few centers in the country which offer such short duration courses which can be taken up not only by the postgraduates but also by practicing doctors.

  • The objective of this fellowship program is to provide an insight into both basic and advanced curriculum in Reproductive Endocrinology & infertility, Gynecology Endoscopy, High risk Obstetrics, Gynecological ultrasound and color Doppler, Colposcopy for collection of cancer cervix, so as to equip the postgraduates in gynecology with sufficient knowledge and skill to provide tertiary care in any peripheral center in India.
  • This fellowship will enable us to contribute to reducing the Maternal mortality & increase the women Health status in India.
  • This will make us one of the few centers in India that provide such training and fellowship. It will also improve the quality of patient care and academics at both centers.
  • The reason for training at two different centers in India is to enable the Fellow a learning experience in different clinical settings across India.
  • The fellowship will provide a viable alternative to the courses provided overseas which are not only expensive but man a time irrelevant to the Indian context.
  • The faculty and infrastructure developed would pave the way for super specialty course of such kind in our centers in the near future.

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