During pregnancy, we need to prepare our body to become a suitable environment for the baby to grow in, while staying happy and emotionally and mentally healthy. A well-structured prenatal fitness program can make pregnancy both healthier and easier. Some of the benefits of exercising regularly throughout your pregnancy and after delivery are:
•    Prevents excessive weight gain
•    Muscle Strengthening
•    Improves Flexibility
•    Reduces joint stress
•    Reduces risk of joint injuries
•    Reduces edema
•    Reduces chances of discomfort like nerve entrapment
•    Reduces joint pain (back pain)
•    Cardio-respiratory conditioning
•    Improves mental health by reducing depression
•    Reduces breathlessness and improves oxygenation
•    Help control Gestational Diabetes

Basic guidelines that need to be followed while exercising during pregnancy:
•    Don’t exhaust yourself
•    Avoid strenuous exercise
•    Do aerobic exercises rather than resistance exercises
•    Always warm up before exercise and cool down afterwards
•    Drink plenty of water and other fluids

Carrying out an antenatal and postnatal fitness program is one of the best lifestyle and health choices you can make!
Facilities available at Gupte Hospital:
•      IPD: In patient rounds for first 3 days after delivery consist of training the patients for general strengthening and flexibility exercises and a review of exercises on the 4th day.
•      OPD: Personal consultation is available based on individual case.

•      ANC classes: One hour of the ANC class session comprises of a group exercise program for pregnant ladies where a generalised strengthening exercise regime is conducted.
For a personalized Exercise Programme consult our Physiotherapist. Contact details are available at the reception.

  Physiotherapy OPD conducted on 3rd floor - Auditorium


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