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Our Daughter, OUR Pride!

Asmita medical foundation proudly presents AsmitA movement, a platform where families with daughters can come together and grow together. AsmitA is pledged to support daughters through creating community-generated, voluntary resource pools to share experience and knowledge for common good with the special involvement of families with only girl children.

Does your daughter need career guidance? At AsmitA movement she will get a caring guide. Are you a teacher of life skills? You may find girl students wishing to learn these at AsmitA. Does your daughter want to learn martial arts? She may find a voluntary teacher at AsmitA! We envision a protected world where girls can indulge and nurture their individual personalities under the collective direction of skilled parents, willing to teach in following specific fields

•    Career guidance in various fields through experienced mentors
•    Educational guidance with scholarships and financial help whenever required
•    Life style guidance regarding healthy nutrition and exercise
•    Learning about healthy foods & avoiding bad habits
•    Health related issues in teens & young adults
•    Safety guidance- self protection
•    Learning life skills to become self-sufficient
•    Excelling in Sports
•    Guidance in liberal arts & fine arts
•    Active participation in movement against sex selected termination
•    Legal help & guidance in women’s rights

Interested to be a member? It’s simple – just fill the Membership form. Membership is open only for families with girl children. You may enroll as a Provider (family with girl child who want to share skills) or Beneficiary (family with girl child who want to learn skills) or both. You may also nominate other families.

You may also enroll as a volunteer if you care for the cause of girl child but do not fit into “All girl family” criteria.

Let’s remember that empowered women not only make empowered families, but also make healthy communities and a great nation! Let’s make our daughters, OUR strengths, OUR collective pride!


AsmitA Foundation – Committed to making Our Daughters, Our Pride!







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