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 Feedback Received on : 10/06/2015


 Feedback Received on :22/06/2015

  Feedback Received on :22/06/2015


Dear team of doctors, nurses and admin,

I wanted to write to express my gratitude for the care I received at Gupte hospital.

First and foremost everyone always helped and answered questions with infinite patience and a smile.

From the receptionist, deepali to the nurses on duty .. Chaya and Heena.. To the Mausis.. Everyone did a great job.. And I think it's this personal care which differentiates your hospital from the others.. You obviously have a great team of doctors .. Dr.Ashwini, Dr.Pranita, Dr.Shilpa, Dr.Dhanashree and so many people I haven't mentioned by name but please know that I am very grateful.
Not only was my hospital stay super comfortable but I also felt during my pregnancy that all my concerns were taken seriously every time I came in for an emergency visit or otherwise.
There is such a huge list of people I must thank.. The nurses who helped calm me during delivery.. The anaesthetist Dr. Kashyap ..the Paedatrician  Dr.Kanade..
Of course a special mention for Dr.Tipnis .. All such positive human beings.. I made sure I always went for my ultrasound when he was available :)
To. Dr.Sanjay Gupte, Dr.Asmita Gupte and Dr.Venkataraman.. Thank you for your calm demeanour.. :) and of course you lead by excellent example.
I wish everyone at Gupte hospital al the very best.

Best wishes,
Shivani  and Siddharth

Dear Dr. Sanjay and Asmita,

Since Kalpana and I came back from hospital I have been meaning to write to you to thank you both profusely for the successful surgery and wonderful after-care. We have been admiring your diagnostic and surgical skills over three decades and considering ourselves very fortunate to have you as our friend. However, our brief stay in your hospital this time made us admire you both more for the excellent management and cleanliness practices you have established in your hospital. All of your supporting staff was always very courteous and willing to lend support and I must mention that the food and refreshments that were served in the hospital were most suitably tasty and appropriate for the patients. As a matter fact we are still continuing to have the Tiffin from your caterer till Kalpana would be ready to take over the kitchen.  

I had mentioned our appreciation to the Madam who takes care of the day-to-day up-keep of the cleaning and Tiffin services although we heard that some of the patients and their relatives were not so happy with the mild taste of the catering food. We think he does a superb job in giving a clean and fresh food necessary for re-cooping of the patients’ health.

 Subhash and Kalpana




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