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Sperm Processing for Intrauterine Insemination (I.U.I.)

The semen sample is processed by washing, centrifugation and migration. A suitable culture medium is used The final migration is done under stringent culture conditions using C02 incubation. The spermatozoa thus obtained   are   free   of   debris   & bacteria, are energetic and improve the   success   rate   of   intrauterine insemination.   (We   have   special room for semen collection.)  Men with slightly compromised  semen quality could benefit from I.U.I.

Embryo Cryopreservation

Treatment with medicines for ovulation induction in ART produces many oocytes. We cryopreserve the extra embryos for the future use. All embryos are coded, labeled and stored in special containers to maintain their identity.

Donor Oocyte Programme

We have an ongoing programme for the women with premature ovarian failure, surgical or induced menopause.


Infertility and its treatment cause significant stress on the couple and their family members. Before the actual treatment begins we encourage the couples to talk about the stress factors and interact with ethical committee to discuss freely the necessary issues.


We propose to start in near future the facilities like genetic testing, individual chromosomal testing, tests involving P.C.R., F.I.S.H., and Preimplantation genetic diagnosis.

Our Commitment

We at Gupte hospital commit ourselves to give the best of clinical and personal care to all our patients of infertility. We promise to achieve the success rates comparable to international standard. Our team would receive regular training and would upgrade to the newer technologies introduced in this fascinating field of fertility.

We at Gupte Hospital have compassionate approach to all our patients and assure of a 24/7 service and care. With your support and blessings, we will make of this new venture a great success.


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