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Nowadays antenatal classes are sought by many prospective parents for many concerns. Antenatal care means 'care before birth'. Antenatal care aims to monitor and promote the wellbeing of a mother and her developing baby. During this period, everyone has queries and qualms about the birth and becoming a parent - antenatal classes are here to address those uncertainties.

We have designed our antenatal classes to prepare women and their partners for the experience of childbirth. We aim to provide current information on all aspects of the labour and birth (whether this be natural or by cesarean), as well as pain relief options (painless delivery). Antenatal classes are an excellent opportunity to gather information, share worries and fears, learn new skills and meet people who are going through a similar experience.

Usually it is seen that women cope better with their labour if they have attended antenatal classes. The key to an easy labour is appropriate exercise and keeping fit during the nine months of pregnancy. Many women who are not in shape to bear the effort of delivery feel exhausted of energy and are unable to recuperate soon from it. Preferably woman should be in the peak her fitness just before childbirth so that she has enough energy levels to start newborn’s care immediately. Moderate and gentle exercise are beneficial to keep you fit. These exercise later on helps you to regain your figure back.

The clinic is focusing on providing information to these women about signs of labour, what is false labour and what are the danger signs in a pregnancy. The antenatal classes will also be teaching the mothers to cope with the new baby, baby care and feeding. All this teaching is done with the help of slide presentation.

Classes are taken in 8 sessions. In start of each session,we make the would be mother do gently but scientifically correct exercises for muscles & joints, from tip to toe, sphincter exercises, breathing techniques useful to facilitate normal delivery. All done under the supervision of the senior gynecologist.

Experienced anesthetist, pediatrician, dietitian are called as guest lecturers to give you the firsthand information of related field. We also have incorporated lectures on ‘How to multiply your child’s IQ’ and 'Stem Cell Blood banking'.



·         Classes will be conducted every alternate Saturdays.

·         Class comprises of 1 hr exercise session and 1 hr lecture session. Batches timings are 3pm to 5pm and 4pm  to 6pm on Saturday.

·         Lecture session will be common for both the batches from 4:00 PM to 5:00 pm. Husband or relatives can accompany only for lecture sessions.


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