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Dr. Asmita Gupte

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M.D., D.G.O

Is a very senior and highly experienced clinical practitioner for the last 30 years. An extremely bright student during her period of training in the BJ Medical College and Sassoon General Hospitals has also been a popular teacher, famous for her extremely lucid and practical approach towards most difficult of clinical situations.

She voluntarily retired as Associate Professor and Head of the Unit , Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology , B J Medical College and Sassoon Hospital n, to be able to dedicate herself to the development of Gupte Hospital and Centre for Research in Reproduction. She is the backbone of this Institution and is a strong source of inspiration. She is extremely admired by subordinates and the hospital staff for her excellent administrative skills and a clear cut protocol based patient care.The credit of the meticulous administrative practices and evolution of the ideal health care delivery system is entirely attributed to her .

Madam is an extremely sought after consultant in Gupte Hospital .She is famous for her sunshine smile which patients find extremely endearing and assuring. A clinician par excellence is found to be participating in national and international conventions in Obstetrics and gynecology.

She also continues as an enthusiastic teacher as Gupte Hospital also is now a postgraduate teaching institution for training for DNB in OBGYN.

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